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Eminent Cargo provides an elevated level of technical expertise, making available total transport services to ensure the best possible operational plan for your shipment. These services are personalized to suit your objectives of pre-planning, loading, and discharging your cargo.

For quite sometime there have been several incidents of burglary, pilferage and theft in both export and import, causing short shipment and misunderstanding between you and your buyers and in case of imports, it may result in short supply of raw materials.

It is, therefore, advisable to provide substantial security during transit so as to safeguard the buyer’s interest as well as to handle imports carefully to assure that there is no shortage of raw material.

Any transportation of products requires insurance — not only to meet the regulatory demands in many countries, but also for peace of mind of the customers. At Eminent, we have teamed up with leading international insurance broker to facilitate the entire cargo insurance process for your shipment.

We establish trust and long-term relationships with clients by adjusting to their diverse requirements and by providing creative solutions to the various circumstances that come along in the logistics industry.

If you seek maximum flexibility, best technical expertise, pricing, and unrivaled commitment to service on your shipments, we assure that Eminent Cargo is the right choice for you.